New Ministry in Indonesia

LHM Indonesia, locally called as Yayasan Jangkar Kehidupan (Anchor of Life) was reopened in Jakarta, since February 2012. Yes, LHM has been here a long time ago on around 1999 until 2003. Due to the situation at that time, the International office has to end the ministry office. Praise The Lord God, as a non-profit organization, YJK rose with the same commitment, but remanaged the organization to plan many programs that can help people in Indonesia solve their spiritual needs and many kind problems of life.

Indonesia is an archipelago country, with around 240 million people, and the world’s fourth most populous country. Indonesia is divided into 33 provinces, including 2 special regions and 1 special capital city, Jakarta. Indonesia is a republic with a presidential system. Population growth still high, at 1,9%. According 2010 statistic, 13,33% of the population was poor or below the national poverty lines. As for the education levels are low as the Indonesians spend only 5,8 years in formal schooling on average. The official national language is Bahasa Indonesia. And the climate in Indonesia is mostly equatorial.

Christian is still minority here, since we are the country with the biggest Islam population in the world. According to the statistic, Islam has 87% of the population. Roughly 9% is Christian (Protestant and Catholic), approximately 3% is Hindu and Buddhist and 1% is others, which includes Confucianism and traditional beliefs. Many of Indonesia’s people have strongly rooted oral traditions, which help to define and preserve their cultural identities.

People in Indonesia nowadays rush in earning living. Instead of it, as mentioned before, the poverty is another issues either, there is a gap between the richer and the poor.
We are still facing the difficult time for living cost, every expenses are high. The situation and condition of the political in Indonesia make it worse. People don’t believe their government anymore. Exchange rate is not really stable. Some of the people still concern much in their spiritual life, some of them don’t pay attention. Mostly people who live in the rural/remote area still keep their traditional rites, some of them combine the religion and their traditional roots beliefs.

As a media ministry we are using media to do our evangelistic activities by supporting the churches to do their mainly task to spread the gospel. So many opportunities we have, with so many people of the non believers and the unchurched, to reach trough our outreach programs, hand in hand with local churches, (instead of Lutheran churches) and other Christian organizations. Media freedom in Indonesia increased considerably after the end of President Soeharto’s rule. Many televisions and private radio arose, and at a reported 25 million users in 2008; internet usage estimated at 12,5% in September 2009 as well. More than 30 million cell phones are sold each year, which is 27% of them are local brands.

The main obstacle that may threat the ministry programs is the influences of the moslem people around. Although the government says they support and give the other religion space for doing the activities, yet, they always control it, especially Christianity. Government which is dominated by the moslem people sometimes doesn’t make Christianity easier to move. There are so many millitant moslem people around nowadays. They are afraid of the Christianity. In fact, Lutheran congregations itself here is number four in the world, they have more than 5 million members. So many examples for those facts. In some area, they are strongly against the Christianity, names: Aceh, West Java, some of Sulawesi region, etc. It is so difficult for the Christians to build their church in that area, even though they already have the permission and approval from the government, still the people around against it strongly. This is the reason, why most of the churches and many Christian ministries, can’t do their activities openly and frontally.

Strengthen by God’s word “Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit, teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you. And remember, I am with you always, to the end of the age.” (MATTHEW 28 : 19-20), Yayasan Jangkar Kehidupan (Anchor of Life), LHM INDONESIA will be able to facilitate people to connect with God. Within God’s will and support and prayers from all of you, our ministry activities touch people’s hearts with the Gospel and the love of God.

Please keep our new reborn ministry here in Indonesia in your prayer and thoughts. So we can accomplish our noble and honour duty as a Christian and Children of God, as well as the other established ministry. We pray many more people could rejoice and have glory in His Kingdom, His Name our truly savior Jesus Christ. Amen.
God Bless LHM International Ministries around the world, as well as the people who work closely with Him, through our organization.


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