YJK (Anchor of Life), LHM Indonesia

YJK (Anchor of Life), LHM Indonesia

In accordance to the law, set by the government, our ministry has to be registered first in order to do the activities legally in Indonesia. Due to this regulation, LHM Indonesia locally name as Yayasan Jangkar Kehidupan (Anchor of Life), has processed its legal entity as a Non Government Organization, a non profit organization. It will be registered under the Department Ministry of Justice Republic Indonesia. On last February 2nd, 2012, we signed the deed at the attorney office. We already have our Board of Member for the foundation, which also includes the founder of the foundation.

The following is the body composition of Board of Member and also the founder of our ministry foundation.
Yayasan Jangkar Kehidupan-LHM Indonesia :
Founders :
1. Rev. Martin Rumanja Purba – Former General Secretary of GKPS (Simalungun Christian Protestant Church), 2 periode.
2. Rev. Poltak S, S.Th – Former Director General of the Christian Community Counseling
3. Mrs. Imelda VM Aritonang, MM
The Foundation Adviser : Rev. Poltak S., S.Th
Foundation Board Member :
1. Rev. Martin Rumanja Purba – Chairman
2. Rev. Teddi Paul Sihombing – Secretary
3. Imelda VM Aritonang – Treasurer
Supervisory Board Member :
4. Wendy Leonard Marganda
5. Mutiara Putri Pardede

Until now we are currently awaiting the results to come out. Please support us and keep us in your prayer, so the registration process will run well and so the results are also expected to bear fruit to perfection. This is all for the glory of His kingdom through our ministry of activities in Indonesia
Documentation : Yayasan Jangkar Kehidupan – LHM Indonesia
Signed the deed of legal entity @ the attorney office.

Having a legal entity, it’s a good chance that YJK extend many program that based on Lutheran’s teaching and Christian values. By using public media as our tool, we support and help Churches and also Christian organization to do evangelistic program to the unchurched and unreached people. We also welcome and encourage Christians to be participated as well in their Church and passionate to serve Christ in daily life, through our interesting ministry programs.

Our ministry office located in the business area in North Jakarta, as bellow;

YAYASAN JANGKAR KEHIDUPAN (Anchor of Life) – LHM Indonesia

Rukan City Home Blok H/16 B, Gading River View

Kelapa Gading Square, Kelapa Gading

Jakarta Utara 14240 – INDONESIA

Phone : 62-21 4587 0781
SMS : 62-853 1006 2348
Email: anchorministry@jangkarkehidupan.org

Website: http://www.jangkarkehidupan.org
Facebook: Yayasan Jangkar Kehidupan
Twitter: @JangkarMinistry


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