Children Ministry (Puppet SHOW)

On April 15th 2012, collaborating with Sunday School from Indonesian Christian Lutheran Church (GKPI), Cimahi, Bandung, West Java, we held an event for the children as one of our children ministry program. It is a “worship field” @ Natural Hills, Lembang, West Java. We presented puppet show to the children as they very excited to listen the story about “Giving My Heart to Jesus.”

We combined puppet, story telling with drama and games. Opening by worship and singing and praying led by he Sunday Scool Coordinator and an elder from the church. The children were so interested about the Easter story. When it was funny, they smiled and laughed, if sad story, they was affected. Together with puppet, the children sang Christian children songs. Finally, we completed this time by quiz. Children who could answer the question about puppet story got the reward from us.

This was the very first time for them to have a puppet show, many children attended this worship more than their regularly attendances every week. So as the parents enjoy the same either and appreciated this program very much.

Children should be our special target. When they are still a child, easier for them to learn Christian value by using attractive media. Our Puppet show program uses Christian story and many figures in Bible, which is packaged by using funny story and interested Christian song. So the children easier to memorize the story and understand the meaning of its.

We hope and pray for the children to change their daily life into everything that can show their love to God. By being active in their Church, diligent pray, love the Bible, they learn to understand how to do their school well, they want to obey his parents, and not revenge their enemy in the school or neighbour. As a strategic children ministry, puppet contribute to change Indonesia Children become God’s love, be a good student, a good son or daughter in their family, a good friend in their neighbourhood, and also having a good achievement.