Ministry in Action on July, 2012

Puppet Show

Puppet Show

Puppet show,

Puppet show,

Ministry in Action on July, 2012

Starting our new fiscal year for 2012-2013, we tried ventured to conduct our 1st Puppet show, though we still didn’t have the materials and also the properties of Puppet, yet we collaborated with other party with their players and also their own puppets materials. This first performance was held in GKI (Indonesia Christian Church) Kemang Post , Bogor on July 3rd, 2012. This event was attended by 42 childrens, who were enthusiastic with the show. The theme, at that time was taken from Mark 10:14. We planned by doing this event jointly with other party, we can learn and understand very well on how to conduct our own Puppet Show in the future.


Kindergarten and Primary School

Kindergarten and Primary School

Still in the same month, we continued to hold our 2nd Puppet show, still collaborated with other party (Mrs. Yenny). We conducted this performance  in  the kindergarten and primary school “ Yayasan Hosana”, Semplak, Bogor, on July 16,2012.  At this time, Mrs. Gunya had a chance to join us saw the puppet show.  About 95 peoples including parents were attended this event. This performace was intended due to the opening of the new building of the school (which belongs to GSJA (God’s Assembly Church), Semplak, Bogor) and also designated the new school year academic (2012-2013). Despite of the school belongs to the Church, some of the students come from moslem people around that area.

Children Ministry Puppet Show

As we provided the children ministry, we also did Youth Seminar this month. We held “Love, sex and Dating’ (LSD), How to have  a good  and healthy dating according to the Bible “.  This seminar was intended to youth people. This event was held on July 21,2012 in collaborating with GKI Kemang, Bogor. In this event we invited LPMI (Campus Crussade) as the speaker for the topic. We were very blessed, that in this event about 34 youth were very enthusiastic come to attend the seminar.


GKI Kemang Post, Bogor

GKI Kemang Post, Bogor

Youth Ministry



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